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Sanitary appropriate water is the most important postulate of good health and one of 12 basic indicators for health wellbeing of a population ,classified by WHO (World Health Organization). That confirms its important role in protection and health improvement.

Almost 2/3 of earth population has deficiency of drinking water. Aproximately 35 000 people dies as a consequence of lack of water, pollution of drinking water and low water quality.

About 71% of Earth's surface is covered with water, but only 1% is appropriate for drinking.

In every hydro-cycle (water circulation in nature) water becomes polluted from air and soil. There is excessive use of nitrates, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides in agroculture.

Old and porous pipes in city waterworks can cause water contamination with surface waste waters. All this pollutions can effect on chemical and bacteriological quality of water.

Thanks to NOBEL devices which works on reverse osmosis principle, we can ensure for you high-quality water for drinking and food-preparing purposes, to comply with most rigorous standards.

NOBEL is proudly certified to ISO 9001 quality management system standard.